Chatter Welcome. This blog is a forum for ideas that will accelerate social media conversations within your B-to-B marketplace.

Your current customers are most likely talking about your products or services, and some may be sharing their views on-line.  But what about your prospects, or others that you don’t know?  One of the better ways to get your marketplace talking about your company via social media is to address industry concerns and articulate opportunities related to your product/service benefits.  Educate the audience and give them something provocative to talk about, by disseminating valuable content through on-line channels.

“Provocative” does not mean ad copy or “adspeak” pretending to be a news release.  It means candid dialogue about industry issues and opportunities, including previews of new or upcoming technology. It’s done through blogs, YouTube videos (with visualized ideas, and key influencers speaking on-camera), wiki sponsorship, perspective papers, and E-books that are offered on-line.

Greater awareness through a thought leadership role is the objective.  Once you start the ball rolling, user conversations provide additional content that gives prospects more places on-line to see your company’s name and the ideas that you interact with.

Take the IT industry, for instance.  A recent TechTarget 2009 Media Consumption Report  (titled “Mind of the IT Professional During the Recession”) was based on over 1400 responses, and it substantiated the value of in-depth content. When IT professionals were asked to name the on-line content types that they have utilized to evaluate new technology information in the past three months, the most frequent answer was White Papers (66%).  Second was trial software.

Brian Carroll, author of the B2B Lead Generation Blog, says: The best kind of demand generation content is anything that sets you up as a thought leader or industry expert.  At its core, thought leadership is about sharing content that’s relevant and valuable to potential customers even if they never buy from you. Give them what they need to make decisions about you and their future, and you’ll reap the benefits in the future.”

This blog will explore full case studies, anecdotal information (with and without metrics),  as well as trends within various industries, all related to the role of objective content in building a brand.

I welcome your contributions, input and feedback.

3 thoughts on “ The Road from Immersion to Conversion ”

  1. This is terrific David, so many companies need to know how to cut through all those bewildering social media options and focus on the ones that will actually produce results. With internal resources of time and talent limited, I hope your blog will give realistic strategies for implementing social media into a company’s marketing/PR program.

  2. This could be a very useful venture, Dave. Credibility is something that needs to be demonstrated before any business pitch should be accepted–and the platform of online social media is a good place to demonstrate such credibility. I’ve bookmarked the site and will check back often. All the best.

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