I have had the pleasure since 2005 of working with a successful entrepreneur, and leader of entrepreneurs, David Galbenski, CEO and founder of Lumen Legal.  Lumen’s on-going programs are all about content that gets to the heart of the dramatically-changing legal services industry, with no hesitation about stirring up debate.  When law firms charge corporations $250/hour and up, even for thousands of hours of mundane document review work related to litigation, it’s a ripe environment for cost-cutting creativity. The result: Lumen has evolved from a regional player into a national one, with growth averaging 10 to 15%.


Dave complements this thought leadership by committing significant time to support fellow entrepreneurs; he served as the Chairman of EO, the international Entrepreneurs’ Organization this past year. It’s a role that involves speaking engagements, blogging and media relations.

Rather than blather on and on, here’s a quick chronological blow-by-blow summary of the initiatives that we accomplished.


== Position Paper: Offshore Legal Services – The Drive to Productivity

Sent to industry opinion leaders, the media, and others.  Explores the high cost structure of U.S. law firms, and offers an answer.

== Launch an Industry-Issues Micro-site: www.offshore-legal-services.com

The site explored the benefits (and challenges) of using lawyers in India to perform labor-intensive document review, with greater speed (they work while we sleep) and at much lower cost. Lots of facts, resources, ideas.  No direct promotion of Galbenski’s company.

This “first-in” web initiative trumped the competition, with a one-year lifespan relevancy.

David Galbenski's Mission featured in Inc. Magazine
David Galbenski's Mission featured in Inc. Magazine


== Big Interviews and Exposure

From law industry trade publications to national business media, including a three-page company profile in Inc. magazine (January 2006), just prior to the…

== Launch of the New Company Name, Brand Identity, Expanded Services

Included launch event with industry opinion leaders and media in attendance.


== Thought Leadership via Editorials as the Discussion Evolves

Included penned-and-placed by-lined articles such as Document Review Cost Containment: Outsourcing Options Evolve to “Best Shore and The Road to Better Retention of Associates. On-line and print. Blog monitoring and response steps up.

== Dave Galbenski begins year-long term as Chairman of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (with membership in 35 countries). More blogging, speaking engagements, media relations. Horizons are expanded, internationally.


A new book written by David Galbenski, Unbound: How Entrepreneurship is Dramatically Changing Legal Services Today (see the promotional site www.unboundlegal.com) is completed, providing a broader perspective on the changing landscape of corporate legal services.  The hardcover version has now been sent to key editors and influencers, with personal follow-up from Dave.


Along the way, Dave and Lumen Legal garnered numerous awards, providing additional media exposure. I’ll provide further updates on Lumen Legal’s activity on this blog.

The point is this: it’s a big time commitment, but embracing the Thought Leadership role works.

Lumen Legal provides Perspective Papers to the legal services industries

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