Imagine calling up someone in your community about a school event you’re promoting, and beginning the conversation with “Hi, this is Dave Schmidt over on Bedford Drive, and I’m the best Dad in the neighborhood.”  How predisposed would that person be to being persuaded by you to do anything?   They would probably want to end the conversation as soon as possible.

So why is it that such a high percentage of companies begin every news release with their name, and then “the world’s leading…,” or something to that effect?   If the reader doesn’t know much about the company, this proclamation is certain to lack credibility,  and it’s worthless.

First Impressions From the Home Page

It may be even worse to do this on a B-to-B website home page. An inward-focused bombastic barrage in the opening text is the first information that a visitor will see when he or she is trying to figure out what the company does, and what it can do for them.  Honestly, here is the home page text for a small IT company, verbatim (except I mercifully changed the name of the company):

“ABC IT is inspired by quality and driven by the desire to excel each and every time.  ABC IT is powered by the expertise of the industry leaders who possess exceptional talent and a well –seasoned acumen developed through executing numerous business and software applications.

ABC IT personnel are talented, highly skilled and have a strong desire to make a mark in the field by the dint of their diligence and hard earned excellence. ABC IT solutions are coherent, reliable and are based on clarity of thought and divergent thinking.”

Brilliant. So, here I am again, this time at a networking event, meeting the president of an influential company that I’d like to do business with.

“Hi, my name is Dave.  I’m handsome, and very talented at what I do.  I’m all about excellence in everything I do.”

The president asks:  “Well, what is it that you do for a living?”

My reply: “Before I tell you that, I need you to understand that I am driven by quality, and unless you are impressed by that and live by high quality standards, there’s no reason for me to go any further.”

Yep.  He’ll probably leave the event early so he can go back to the office and get you right on the vendor list. Try it yourself.

BtoB Bragging

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