5 thoughts on “ Can Advertising Add Value to the Brand? ”

  1. I agree that advertising is still an important part of the marketing mix. We typically use space advertising (both print and Web) for brand building — a way to deliver high-level messaging that sets the stage for the much more targeted marketing we do via other vehicles.

    To put a different twist on this conversation, there’s another reason we advertise: publications (whether print or print+Web) are under significant pressure in this economy. Ad pages are shrinking; trade pubs are on the brink. In many cases, we want to support publications that cover our market. These publications often publish reviews of products in our category, and those reviews are key purchase factors for many of our customers. The symbiotic relationship between market and trade pubs must be evaluated and acknowledged.

  2. Well done, Dave. A good distinction between corporate chest-thumping and the delivery of relevant brand value. Far too many organizations (BtoB and otherwise) don’t understand a simple axiom: a brand is NOT the property of the company. It belongs to their audience: their prospects and customers. It must cleave to the ideals and desires of that audience, it must adapt to follow the evolution of that audience, and it must be continuously energized by discourse with, and meaningful response to, that audience. My bedrock advice to companies interested in building marketshare, to wit: shut up about yourselves. Talk about your audience, and your intimate knowledge of their desires. Let them decide where your abilities agree with their needs. Then they’ll come a-runnin’.

  3. Thanks for your insights, Tina and Adrian. Glad the issue of supporting the publications came up. I had almost ended my post by mentioning it, then thought that it sounded like an excuse. It’s absolutely relevant. Publication channels are important – we want messages directly from the the marketplace (via ads) and journalism to flow through them, and somebody has to pay the costs of the channel.

    And to Adrian: eloquently said…the evolution of the message and interaction from the receiver. And to the point about letting the audience decide where offering meets needs: you know full well from your work that the best advertising messaging lets the audience complete the thought with their own components; the “Seduction” part of Matthew May’s argument for simplicity, elegant solutions.

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