My workday adrenaline is fueled by the fact that business innovations are exciting, new technology enthralling.  Likewise, B2B marcomm messaging should tap into new and engaging energies, rather than reverting to hyperbole and braggadocio.  And why do we need to always be as serious as a funeral home?

So, here’s my first in a series entitled:  “Best B2C Campaign Themes to Borrow for your BtoB Messaging.”

First up:  KIA Motor’s “You Can Go with This, or You Can Go with That”  TV Spot for the Soul.  Gotta love it.  Amusing nonsense.

I can imagine the ad people pitching the idea to KIA: “Yeah, so we’ll have these really badass rappers from the hood, but they’re hamsters.”  The use of small appliances is brilliant; it takes me back to my irreverent/irrelevant college radio days back in Ann Arbor, with Fraser Smith, John Giese, Daddy Wags (where are they now?) and occasional Firesign Theatre guests.  Lots of non sequitars.

So now, imagine this. Your next B2B campaign.  Bag the “solution” laden copywriting mode, and instead use vivid images captioned with “you can get with this” (your offering) in contrast to the chaotic alternative if you “get with that.”  Obviously, you can’t use KIA’s actual rap tracks; we’re talking about parody or similarity here.

More to come.  If you’ve got a favorite, please let me know.

3 thoughts on “ Borrow Best B2C Campaign Themes for B2B Messaging ”

  1. Dave Dude,

    I agree that it’s a fresh and funky departure, since Kia had previously identified anyone NOT driving a Soul as “hamsters-on-a-wheel.” My concern is with demographics.

    Honda started this whole “hip mini-ute” craze with their Element a few years back…and discovered that nearly 40% of buyers were women. Over the age of 40. Real big with lesbians, too. The Kia Soul is a direct competitor to the Element (as well as the Scion xB) and it’s too early to tell if they can break into the “hood-youth” market any more successfully than their competitors.

    The Kia ad is aimed with laser-focus at the black/hispanic street-smooth youth market.

    I’m not sure they’re buying. My research indicates that these boys would rather invest in a Camaro SS or a Mustang GT or even a Hyundai Genesis Coupe. The Kia Soul, while a fairly well-reviewed vehicle, isn’t carrying enough testosterone for this demographic.

    Let’s see the sales results a year from now…

  2. Good point. Who even reads copy anymore? At least a visually interesting 30 or 60 second spot might get the attention of the modern TIVO user while they scan past that expensive ad in a few seconds. If it is entertaining enough they might even stop and watch it in real time.

  3. Adrian:
    Good demographic analysis – you’re way ahead of me. I’m just thinking it’s good stupid-funny stuff. I think it appeals to baby-boomer suburbia too, since it’s making fun of “hip.” And it’s hip, all at the same time.

    Larry: absolutely, it’s all about the visual.

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