One thing I have realized over the years is that seasoned PR pros are prolific idea people.  Lots of creativity, with a persistent “can do” attitude.   They know what interests and motivates a given audience, and what channels to use to get to them.

This was evident at an exhilarating one-day event to help out local nonprofits in the L.A. area last Saturday, called Quality Time with PR Minds, sponsored by PRSA-LA, Kaiser Permanente, RAND Corporation, Allison & Partners, PainePR and others. Teams of PR volunteers provided free brainstorming for nonprofits that have limited funds and resources for retaining professional PR counsel.  Speed-date consultation, if you will.

The mix at this event included folks that could add a good dose of marketing communication savvy, making each group of 3 or 4 volunteer consultants a potent little brainstorming forum.  The non-profit beneficiaries kept their pens scribbling, their heads nodding, their responses juiced. They were smiling.

My team sessions were for Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter, and L.A. Cada (Los Angeles Centers for Alcohol and Drug Abuse) and they were revved up, with ideas ranging from maximizing the awareness-building effects of a 40th anniversary event to viral video strategies featuring personal benefit-success stories. Lots of practical thoughts about efficiency and reach, also.

Someone working with or for a nonprofit who is very close to a given equation for too long needs fresh perspectives.  The nonprofit representatives not only got ideas they hadn’t thought of, they got obstacle-dodging strategies for many of the avenues they had previously explored and dismissed.

It feels good, no, feels great, doing this.  My hats off to the insightful colleagues that I met, or reconnected with, during this event.

5 thoughts on “ Sharing PR Expertise with Nonprofits on a Speed Date ”

  1. David, I so appreciate the insight and ideas you shared during our time together at Quality Minds. In the non-profit world everything takes longer than expected, especially when the organization is 100% volunteer run. But sessions like the one at Quality Minds definitely give a big boost. We so appreciate your time (humans and shelter residents, alike)!

    Alexis Cole
    VBAS President

  2. Hi David,
    The event Saturday was a real eye-opener for me. I appreciated the flow of ideas and have already begun following through with what I learned. Your input on our name was very interesting, helping me to visualize new possibilities. Thanks so much for your time, attention, and creativity!

  3. David,
    Great to work with you at the event on Saturday; I think Alexis said she had 4 pages of notes just from our first 90 minute “brain-dump” on helping the Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter.

    Amazing to see how much positive energy can come out of a just giving a few hours of time.


  4. David,
    Thanks for being a part of the program. Quality Time with PR Minds is so successful because of the dedication of professionals like yourself and the participation of non-profit organizations. The payoff is that non-profits keep coming back year after year, bringing with them new PR challenges. We also can’t be successful wihtout the people who put on the event – Vicky, Dawn, Kerry and Wendi — and our sponsors — RAND, Kaiser Permanente, Allison & Partners and PainePR. Hope to see you next year. Keep spreading the word.
    Eric Moses
    PRSA-LA President

    1. Appreciate getting the feedback and continued enthusiasm in the comments. Hopefully, the connections result in some additional assistance from our area PR pros, to help execute some of these ideas.

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