Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, reflection … and family stories recanted over mincemeat pie.

Want a lesson in extremely compact story telling?  You may have seen AT&T’s Rethink Possible TV spot.

If these guys can visually tell the life story of a fictitious future U.S. president right up through inauguration, along with the meeting and courtship of his parents, in 30 seconds, and still have time to include a leisurely look at the parent’s curious, flirtatious first glances …  while demonstrating the cell phone technology that made the meeting possible …. then certainly we B2B PR content developers can deliver a case study in a one or two short paragraphs.  Some of us do.

Happy turkey day to all my colleagues and friends.  I’m going to try my hand and making a mincemeat pie from scratch – complete with rich, brandy-fortified hard sauce.

One thought on “ Thanksgiving is Story-Telling Time ”

  1. How very adroit of you, Dave, to observe this dynamic. As humans, we like stories. We respond on a limbic level to stories, it’s part of our evolutionary physiology. Stories have a beginning, middle and end: the classic arc, and the oral tradition is a foundation of human culture the world over.

    As marketers, it’s our job to understand and employ that tradition…with new technologies, new media venues and new insights into our changing communication matrix. But the core truth remains. Tell a story, tell it well, and we will listen.

    Now send me that recipe, Dude. It sounds decadent as hell…and don’t spare the brandy!

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