Author of B-to-B Issues = Opportunities Blog

I write and direct communications that help facilitate change, whether it’s educating internal and external audiences during game-changing industry transformations, or it’s influencing potential B2B customers who are reluctant to embrace emerging technology.

Creating/implementing content marketing programs and directing critical internal communications, within a number of industries, has given me broad business perspectives – and I’ve done this work in both agency and large corporate settings. Writing skills and strategic plan development expertise are at the core of my work.

Industries I have served include:

  • healthcare
  • information technology
  • manufacturing technology/systems
  • professional services/law

This year and last (2018-19), I’ve enjoyed working on discrete projects for new industries, further deepening my experience base. This is an exciting time. Recent work includes an internal change-management communication initiative for data scientists and senior management at Amgen, the world’s largest biotechnology organization. The project included discovery interviews, audience segmentation, and key messaging.

Southern California has been home for the better part of the last decade (minus a two-year stint in Seattle). Formative years were spent in Michigan, with its wonderful Great Lakes. Family and making music further enrich my life. Plus there’s a new related hobby; see Colliding Vinyl and my Etsy site

-David Gordon Schmidt

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