Who Wants to Have a Conversation with a Braggart?

Imagine calling up someone in your community about a school event you’re promoting, and beginning the conversation with “Hi, this is Dave Schmidt over on Bedford Drive, and I’m the best Dad in the neighborhood.”  How predisposed would that person be to being persuaded by you to do anything?   They would probably want to end […]

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Tech Sector Thought Leadership Enhanced by a 12-Year-Old Student

You know that you have succeeded in articulating a business opportunity or trend when a 12-year-old student “gets it,” participates in the Q&A, and offers ideas about an application. Especially if it’s highly technical. The venue? Jim Whitehurst, the plain-talking visionary CEO of enterprise Linux application leader Red Hat (Raleigh, NC), did a session on […]

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B-to-B Outreach via Perspective Papers

Perspective Paper content doesn’t need to be lengthy to be effective (i.e. don’t need long videos, 20-page white papers) just because it’s B-to-B and may involve a complex problem, technology or value proposition.  It just needs to have well-articulated ideas that provoke dialogue. Here’s some good examples of opportunity-oriented content made readily available on company […]

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