My Top 10 List: Resistance to Organizational or Process Change

Two lists here. First, the top five for implementation of major technology change in a healthcare setting, for physicians and other clinicians. Fear of the unknown Dislike time commitment to get training, practice, become proficient Fear of looking incompetent amidst peers Concern about disruption to operations (patient care) Resistance to standardization (workflows, clinical content, order […]

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What Organizational Change Communication Is and Isn’t

   I recently did a presentation for CAPG (accountable care physicians advocacy group here in California) on the do’s and don’ts of communications strategy that supports change management. I began by defining the parameters. Organizational change communication is not: an increased quantity and frequency of memo announcements from executive leadership, with reminders and cheer-leading messages […]

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The Black Hole in the Middle

As a communicator, one of the most enlightening aspects of training for Accelerating Implementation Methodology (AIM)  is the focus on mid-managers during change within a large organization. When they aren’t on board with a major change, they can truly represent a black hole.  Many organizations have made the mistake of going this route (below): Executive […]

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Pushing Out Email Communications: Definitely an INTERRUPTION Tactic.

Let’s call it what it is – an interruption. In a corporate setting, sending announcements and other general communications to large groups via email adds to the load of email traffic flying around in thick torrents every day, especially for mid-level managers. When these are sent, the goal is to get the email with this […]

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Employee Integration After Acquisition – the Communications Factor

Underestimate the impact of an acquisition on the employees of the acquired organization at your own risk and peril. Just because an employee will continue to do their same job after integration, doesn’t mean that things don’t change in their work world. Often it’s dozens of things – their health & welfare benefits, retirement savings, […]

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Communication Tactics and Tools as Employee Integration Begins

To get employees on board during integration into a new organization, equip managers with information on the integration steps and ask them to discuss it with their staff/team. This is typically a very effective way to build awareness, depending on the organization’s culture. We prepare FAQs, Talking Points, and Timeline Overview tools to assist these core […]

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