Crack open a good nut graph

Beginning with a shocking statement may be the best way to get a reader’s attention, but there’s yet another story ingredient that helps ensure high readership of an announcement or article. The statement above is called a “nut graph,” and it’s the nut graph for this blog post about nut graphs. Given all the competition […]

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Length Matters

Research shows that if most readers look at a page with 8 or 9 dense paragraphs of type, their willingness to read it at all goes down significantly, compared to a communication of 5 paragraphs. This is especially true when major change is swirling around your organization and people are time-stressed. If you let your CEO […]

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Messaging for Internal Communications During Integration

Pay close attention to the tone and “voice” of key communications to managers and staff during integration of employees from an acquired organization. Besides being welcoming in tone If it’s authored by an executive leader from the new “parent” organization, it’s best to avoid use of “us” and “you” in the wording. It should all […]

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Physician engagement during major change implementations

When you change the way thousands of physicians will be working in your hospitals (i.e. implement a totally new Electronic Health Record), it’s no small task to win their hearts and minds. Nothing can substitute for face-to-face engagement: local physician champions talking to their colleagues at mixers, convenient and effective training followed by hands-on time, prior to […]

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New Survey Shows that Use of Home-Grown Content Continues to Grow

A new survey confirms that B-to-B marketers are increasingly using home-grown content to build relationships with customers and prospects, while use of traditional media declines. Companies are writing their own stories (and their customer’s stories), and most importantly, the survey shows that the marketplace highly values the content and uses it as much as information […]

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Tech Sector Thought Leadership Enhanced by a 12-Year-Old Student

You know that you have succeeded in articulating a business opportunity or trend when a 12-year-old student “gets it,” participates in the Q&A, and offers ideas about an application. Especially if it’s highly technical. The venue? Jim Whitehurst, the plain-talking visionary CEO of enterprise Linux application leader Red Hat (Raleigh, NC), did a session on […]

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