I’ve had the privilege of working with and learning from a number of major upheavals within industries including healthcare, information technology, manufacturing technology/systems (for automotive, aerospace and other durable goods industries), and professional services/law.

This experience spans Fortune 500 companies to fearless entrepreneurs.  A sampling of my strategic outreach experience is below. You’ll also find ideas and experiences within my blog posts on this site.

Selling new and risky technology to industry

Leveraging user story-telling and potent marketing communication channels, I marketed difficult-to-explain categories of digital automation – the kind that made mid-management nervous and  disrupted worker’s status quo. In essence we invented B2B “content marketing,” and we worked it hard, long before it had that name. 

Atlas Technologies: messaging focused on the technology in use

I honed my writing skills, built creative teams, and learned not to fear tackling complex products with intricate value propositions. It was not uncommon at our place to double our client’s B2B sales in 3 to 5 years via concentrated content marketing that uncovered leads and compressed sales cycles.

My roles: editorial/creative management and partner positions at two B2B marketing communications agencies based in Michigan. Lots of writing. Dozens of clients served, from feisty tech entrepreneurs to matured Fortune 500 leaders.

Selling drastic change within large organizations

I turned then to an even more challenging audience … employees at large corporations and not-for-profits. I designed change-management communication programs to help ease upheaval during mergers, acquisitions and disruptive process change that impacted daily routines. Among the crusades: coaxing doctors and hospitals to finally put down their paper charts and move to digital patient medical records.

See self-narrated video: Communicating Deep Change – Healthcare IT Transformation (1:35)

I directed the internal communication team during the multi-year conversion of a 5-state healthcare organization to a single Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, impacting 70,000+ clinicians/employees.  

27 medical centers and hundreds of clinics and labs made the switch, with plenty of moments of panic and implementation glitches along the way. Senior leaders gave an average score of 4.4 (very satisfied) out of 5 for the supportive communication programs, surpassing stakeholder survey scores for the healthcare system’s general internal communication.

My roles: strategic communication management positions for HealthCare Partners (El Segundo) and Providence Health & Services (with stints in Seattle and Burbank). 

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